Serving California, Arizona, and Southern Nevada for over 45 years. C-T Products offers Heaters, Controls and Sensors with additional Equipment and Product Lines used in Manufacturing Processes. C-T Products will help you find the right solution.
Our Current Line Includes - TUTCO SureHeat, Nexthermal, Briskheat, Wattco, East Coast Sensors, Avatar Instuments, Gneuss, International Thermal Systems, NRD Advanced Static Control, Weco International

C-T Products specializes in Industrial Heating Products with complementary product lines to serve the industries we call on. Our products include Electric Heaters of all types, Thermocouples and RTD's, Power and Temperature Controls, Pressure and Temperature Sensors, Static Elimination Products, Industrial Ovens, Furnaces and Parts Washers and Work Benches. We provide products and solutions to a variety of industries including; Packaging, Medical, Electronics, Plastic Injection Molding and Extrusion, Rubber Molding, Aerospace and Military. Please browse our product lines and give us a call so we can provide our services.

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Process Heaters, Hot Air Heaters and Systems for Air, Steam and Inert Gas Heating.



    Nexthermal is a manufacturer of Process Electric Heaters for the Plastic Processing, Packaging and Rubber Industries and Original Equipment Manufacturer 


Manufactures of flexible surface heating elements and controls for viscosity control, condensation prevention, process heat and freeze protection, including; Heating Tapes and Cables, Silicone Rubber Heating Blankets/Pads, Drum and Pail Heaters, Container Heaters, Gas Cylinder Warmers, Heating Mantles, Cloth Jacket Heaters, Temperature Controls, Sensors and Systems.



Industrial Electric Heaters, Immersion Heaters, Circulation Heaters, Flanged Heaters, Screw Plug Heaters, Pipe Heaters, Over the Side Heaters, Boiler Heaters, Tubular & Finned Tubular Heaters, Duct Heaters and Open Coil Elements


Thermocouple and RTD's for Plastic Processing and Industrial Applications.


 High Performance Proportional Controls for Industrial Electric Heaters, SCR Power Controls, OEM, Temperature Controls.


Gneuss Measurement Technology products for polymer processing industries meet the highest requirements. Top quality raw materials, constant and stringent quality control and advanced manufacturing methods mean that our transducers are among the best products on the market.



NRD, LLC  Advanced Static Control, featuring Alpha Ionizing Technology, state of the art self-powered, balanced static control that requires no calibration and little or no maintenance, Corona AC Ionizers, Battery Operated and Passive Ionizing Static Eliminators


International Thermal Systems
International Thermal Systems solutions for thermal processing and industrial parts washing, heat treat oven, core bake oven, thermal degreasing, dry-off oven, aging oven, cure oven, belt washer, monorail washer and more.


Weco International
WECO International specializes in the engineering and supply of heaters, control solutions, and
components for infrared heating applications and equipment.



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I have been doing business with C-T Products for 11 years, not only are the efficient and knowledgable, they treat each order large or small with the utmost importance."
Adam West - Chicago IL